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Preferred Electric Company offers an extensive range of services to our customers, including electrical construction, installations, repair and maintenance and 24/7 emergency service.  Preferred Electric continues to expand our knowledge and expertise beyond traditional electrical services so that we can meet the requirements of any customer, project and situation. 

We specialize in Industrial and Commercial markets with ability to handle projects such as Premium Office Upfits/Build Outs, Mission Critical/Data Centers, Energy Centers, High Rise Residential, Hotel & Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare.   


Our employees are educated and experienced to handle any project.  We can install and manage a variety of specialty systems such as:   

  • Power Distribution Units 

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply  

  • Switchgear 

  • Generators  

  • Design Assistance - We meet with the customer to explore what their immediate and long term needs are for their project and work with them to design an electrical system or modifications to an existing system to meets all of their needs.   

  • Project Budgeting - We provide preliminary budgeting based on the preliminary designs developed with the customer to establish an electrical budget for the work they are considering.     

  • Design Development Progress Pricing - Once an engineering firm is brought on board we preform progressive pricing and the design is fully developed to help assure that the design does not over run the established budget the customers has approved. 

  • Project Environment Research - Once the project has moved to the engineering stage we provide field research to gather information about the existing electrical system to be included on the drawings being prepared for review and permitting.   

  • Schedule Development - Work with the customer to develop a construction schedule based on the work proposed and delivery times off any new equipment or material being purchased. 

  • Our experience providing technology, project management and a variety of resources to clients in the commercial, industrial, financial, hospitality, data service, hospital, research, and business service sectors has allowed us to continue to our growth and success in the South East.

  • I would expand a bit on this   - who they work with?  how they work with contractors, who all is on site (project manager, superintendent?

  • Do any of the "upper guys" get involved? do site visits?


Our service group keeps our customers facilities Safe, Reliable and Efficient by providing responsive, honest, cost-effective solutions. We are capable of performing any type of repair or installation and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We focus on creating a positive experience for our customers before, during and after a repair or installation.


Our expectation it to create a lasting relationship with every customer.


4 Ways Preferred Electric can help:
  • Electrical Service Whether adding a receptacle or replacing a switchboard we are able to work with our customers to budget, schedule and execute any type of installation or repair. 

  • Emergency Service When an electrical emergency occurs, a fast response is required.  We have 15 service vans that operate 24/7 and can respond to any emergency. As one of the largest electrical contractors in the Charlotte area we have the ability to mobilize a large workforce from outside of our Service team when needed.

  • Prevention We offer preventative and predictive maintenance programs to identify potential problems before they impact the operation of your facility so they can be repaired in a cost-effective way.

  • Consultation Whether its determining capacity, designing an installation or answering a question about your electrical system our Service team is available to assist. With a wide range of experience and capabilities we can work with you to determining the best solution to achieve your goals.  

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